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 Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story, On Text!

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Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story, On Text! Empty
PostSubject: Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story, On Text!   Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story, On Text! Icon_minitimeSat Aug 25, 2007 10:48 pm

I made the text for Jimmy : The World of Warcraft Story.
It might not be exactly, but atleast i tried.
The video can be found Here.

Quote :
Is this... is this working?... alright.. yea.
Soo uh Hi my name's Mojache, im a level 69 mage here on trollbane.
This here is jimmy, hehe, hes my best gnome buddy in the whole world.
Man, we levelled together, we raided together, Jeez, even one time we.. uhm
nevermind. Anyway Me and Jimmy were pretty pumped by burning crusade, you know,
we just got LOTTA new monsters, okay well new skins of old monsters, whatever.
Uh new quests... okay well the same quest but you know better rewards!
Okay well maybe they are not really better rewards, they are kinda the same armor skins too,
you are kinda lazy Blizzard, BUT THATS NOT THE POINT, Burning Crusade,
man we got sweet new abilities, sweet new spells, and Me and jimmy were all over that.
Well you know.. we were anyway. You see, Me and Jimmy we.. we kinda had a falling out.
We hit'd level 64 you know, we headed out Shattrath City, oh that was The Place,
portals to go to every town, npc's for everything man, Shattrath was the new Ironforge,
It was the INN, it was a pretty cool place. But uhh you know we did this quest and they told us,
we needed to pick, you know, between being an aldor, and being a scryer,
and then like it didn't make sense, we had already picked Alliance, that ment we were allys,
Now they want us to pick different paths? You mean i cud be uh same team as a horde?!
But that doesn't make any sence! Naturally i went up to thottbot, looked at the rewards,
scryers hada friggin epic... EPIC mage ring, and hell yes baby, im all over to Professor Plums,
Thats clue reference to purple, anyway, i told jimmy "Lets go Scryer", and he turns to me and he goes
"Dude, i wanna be aldor" And oh my friggin god, did i type W-T-F so fast, you have no idea
it was just like WTF?!?11 and "Aldor?!" i said "All they got is a damn blue staff jimmy,
screw the blue staffs, we are going for the epics.. EPIICS" But Jim man,
He wasn't taking any of my crap "No dude, i want the blue staff, did you see the god damn stats?
It ar.. it loo.. it should be epic, right?" And... and that was it, Jimmy picked aldor right on the spot,
he didn't even wait, just BAM.. picked aldor, and you know i went scryer.
Me... me and Jimmy we used to be like brothers, thats like exalted reputation, but all the way up
so its like slash 999 exalted, so anyway i picked scryers like BAM, me and jimmy went from
being best friends to hostile standings, ouhm. Jimmy said he was gonna do some
i dont know ALDOR quests with some of his ALDOR crew, and i was like *tjuh*
whatever Jimmy, Hand! So you kno.. i checked at the scryers place they are pretty cool,
the sweet elevator, theres giant robot guards, comon.. ROBOTS, friggin blood elves,
uwauh, anyway, you know they are pretty cool, i went up to the innkeeper news, like
"Do you want to buy into my house?" Shuy.. bitch! Im a mage, i can port to this city,
i dont wana BUY into your home, anyway the scryers were you know, pretty cool,
they had some quests i did, it was good. But you know the more quests i did,
the aldor started to hate me, and i was just like *What?!*, that doesn't make
any sense, and little that i know but you know Me and Jimmy went from
being you know exalted.. to neutral.... to hostile!... and then to friggin hated!
DAMN! And then it happent, erhm, one of the blood elf dudes gave me this quest,
he told me to go poison the aldor victory party soup, and i was like "Dude,
i cant do that, Jimmy is and aldor" That blood elf guy didn't even look at me,
he was just like i accepted the quest and he didn't wanna tell me anymore information.
I thottbotted it, i got the loc, and people were... i was reading the thottbot and they are like
"Locs are cheating" and i sent the message on thottbot, i was like "SHUT UP! your a r-thard
by cheating anyway!" So you know i wa.. and then anyway, i looked at the loc,
i went to the soup can and i was like *Damn i cant do this, Jimmy is an aldor*
and i was standing right in front of the soup holding the poison.. BAM!
Jimmy caught me and jimmy just walks right up to me, and he was PISSED!
and jimmy was just like "What the hell man? Are you poisoning our soup? I caught
the last bitch trying to do that, you know what i did? I shot a fireball in his FACE!"
And i was like "Jimmy, i wasnt gonna do it, it was just a quest man." "Oh, just a quest" Jimmy says
he is like "Just a quest? Yea well i slept with your god damn mother" im like "What the hell,
Jimmy, why did you sleep with my mom?!" he was like "Duur, it was a quest" i was like
"DUDE, you did not have a quest to sleep with my mom" he is like "Yes i DID! Go ask blizzard"
So i did, i said to the ticket and i was like "Hey uhm, is there an aldor quest where the objective
is to sleep with my mother?" During off i had to wait like 4 hours cause you know Blizzard response team
is awesome, and then they are like, they... they get back to me and they are like "Hi,
this is blizzard representive blah blah blah.. roleplaying crap.. blah blah blah blah blah"
And i was like *Whatever just give me a damn answer* and then they are like,
I had to wait 5 more minutes, cause apparently it takes them an HOUR to spell check of
whatever they are saying, anyway they were like "Please delete your wtf folder and disable
all customer user interface addons" and im like "Uhm, what does that have to do with anything?"
they're like "Sir could you reinstall World of Warcraft" and im like "Dude i just wanna know if there is a quest"
"Have a nice day, BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON!" *Poof* and then the GM was gone.... *shuv*
'Blizzard Customer Service' anyway so... god damn role players i dont know
So it got pretty bad between me and Jimmy, you know, we kept pulling pranks on eachother, i kept doing
scryer quests that screwed over aldor, and he kept doing aldor quests that screwed over everybody, and,
it just got bad. Then one day, at the auction house, and i saw Jimmy had bid on a sweet mage staff,
and really want the mage staff, but you know, you make a ton of money in burning crusade so you know
i was just like BUYOUT.. BAM!, Then I ran to my mailbox, i grab the staff, i ran back, jimmy
is still standing there, and i open trade with him! And jimmy was just like "What the hell man?!
I had bid on that, and it was on Short, i dont... WHat? Why did you do that?!" and i was like
"Cause you are an aldor, bitch!" And then i took that staff, BAM! Disenchanted it on the god damn spot.
And Jimmy was PISSED! He was just all like "IMA CHARGING MY FIREBALL!!" and im like
"Dont do it, Jimmy!" hes like "IMA FIRING MY FIREBALL" And i was like.. BAM! CounterSpell,
and.. BAM! That counter spell pissed off jimmy, cause jimmy, he didn't specc for improved CounterSpell.
So he was just like "URGH!!" and... and then he did it, he was just plug-polled right on the spot,
just *He was there! Disappeared* He just probably like kicked his computer over, i dont event know.
And i never saw him again, that was the last jimmy. A week later you know i sent to his mom telling
in game and i was like "Hey Mrs. Jimmy um... Wheres jimmy been at?"
She sends me the triple dot, and im like oh shiit... Dont be the triple dot, Oh triple dot, always bad news,
And slowly, you know i had to wait, and then she sa.. she sai... she said, she said it, i cant believe
she said it, she was just all like "He's playing everquest" Damn.... Yea,
So as you can see, Burning Crusade broke up the friendship of me and ma best friend *sniff*,
it doesn't matter how much runecloth, I'd donate towards his family, will jimmy ever coming back....
So.. the moral of this story kids, is you better be damn well be careful, of which faction you pick,
when you hit up to shattrath, level 63... 62, it doesn't matter, you better be damn careful..
Cause everquest sucks!

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Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story, On Text! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story, On Text!   Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story, On Text! Icon_minitimeWed Aug 29, 2007 3:14 pm

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Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story, On Text!
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